How To Unblock Blocked Websites

What is a 9x Proxy?

9xproxy is a web-based proxy site which used to unblock blocked websites. 9xproxy acts as a gateway between the user and the website. If you’re using 9x Proxy server, internet traffic flows through our servers on its way to the website you requested to open. website allows users to access content restrictions imposed by the government.

How 9xproxy works?

How web proxy works

As shown in the above image, 9xproxy acts as an intermediary between a client and a server. Our Server provides a secure gateway to the Internet. It acts as the control point between the private network and the Internet.

So whenever you try to visit a website using our proxy, your request goes to the 9xproxy server, the proxy server inturn forwards your request to the target server. The response received from the target server is cached on the proxy server and the cached content is inturn provided as response to the requester.

Several governments around the world closely monitor and restrict access to the certain websites on internet, and 9x proxy servers offer their citizens access to an uncensored internet.

Unblocking Websites with

Follow the simple steps below to unblock any blocked websites with our web proxy,

  • Open

  • Video Proxy Site

  • Type in the URL you want to visit or click one on the quicklinks

  • Unblock blocked websites

  • That's it, You are in

  • Unblocked website