Terms of Service

This document and all the written information is a legal contract and agreement between the administration of this website and the user.

9xproxy.in provides the users a virtual networking service which is known as the VPN. The website is considered as the parent company allowing the users to hold liable for the use of site and services.

This agreement or a contract mentions all the terms of use between administration of this site and its user. This document also mentions the legal rights of the administration of this site over all the images, content on this website. Anyone willing to use this site is automatically agreeing to all these terms and if he does anything against it can be sued in the court of law. The administration of this proxy site has the right to amend or edit this document at any time and is not answerable to anyone for doing that thing.

Any user going to use this site should be 18 years of age or older than it. If the user is under 18 years of age but is older than 13 years of age should be guided and use this service under his parents or guardians and should buy this service using parental guidance. And the user confirms that he is going to use this service according to these terms.

All the content, images and everything available on this site is an intellectual property of the administration of this site and no one can use it or reproduce it in any form. The use of all the content, images of this site can be done for personal or nonpublic use. The usage for any other purpose other than that is strictly prohibited.

All the logos, trademarks, emblems at this site are a legal property of the administration and it is another use than the personal or nonpublic is prohibited. Anyone who tried to do so can be sued under the court of law. You have to receive a written permission for its use by the administration of this site. Using without written permission is a crime.

All the content or any other options on this site can be changed by the administration without any prior notice and administration is not answerable to anyone for doing so. So all that is available on this site is not permanent and can be changed anytime. All the information available on this site is not guaranteed to be correct by the administration and hence any damage resulting from its usage is not a responsibility of the administration.

This website may contain links to other sites. Clicking on these links and visiting those sites is a sole responsibility of the user and administration is not responsible for the websites opened through those links. So the user should take care while clicking on these links because of it's a responsibility of the user. Any incorrect information, content, images available on those sites is also not the responsibility of the administration of this site because the administration has no control over these sites. Hence user should be vigilant while clicking on these sites.

The use of this service is entirely at your own risk and no guarantee is provided by the owner of this website. The owner and management of this site are not responsible for any faults or damages done due to the usage of this site.

As we can see that this is a proxy site and through it, we can indirectly browse third-party sites and every website opened through it has its own data and content and no responsibility for that content is on this proxy site and is solely the responsibility of that website opened through this proxy site.

By ''indirectly third-party browsing'' we mean that you connect to our server and it gives you access to another server. While in ''direct browsing'' you directly access the server from which you want to see the content.

Any link, URL, document, and service downloaded through this website can be modified by this proxy site. This may include URLs because you are accessing that required server through our server so we have to modify and edit it so the URL indicated may not be a direct access to that resource.

The main point in indirect browsing and using this proxy site is the anonymity that you get while accessing the required server through this proxy site. By accessing the required server through our site, the other server can not see your IP address. But this anonymity is not guaranteed and only a single direct access to the required server can compromise your anonymity. The data and content downloaded from this site shows a different URL and can be downloaded directly but we try our best to reroute all the requests through our servers to make it anonymous but this anonymity is not guaranteed and can be compromised.

By using this service you can download any content and it will be downloaded through secure and protected connection but it can be sent to you through an insecure connection so please don't enter or give any confidential or secret information like passwords, credit card numbers through this site.

You also confirms that you are not going to use this service for following prohibited activities:

  • Mailing viruses, junk emails or fraudulent emails to anyone. While doing so you can be punished in the court of law.
  • You are not going to use this service to transport or distribute any illegal products.
  • You are not going to use this service to send or distribute any product that has copyrights and can not be reproduced or forwarded to anyone without an approval from it legal owner. This may include but not limited to distributing patented, copyright products etc.
  • You are not going to use this service to engage in any hacking or DDOS attacks to any other site or server etc.
  • You are not going to use or access this service in such a way that may result in a violation of laws at any local, federal or international level because you may get convicted in a court of law while doing so.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this terms of service, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us.

This document was last updated on January 22, 2019